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Children in estate planning battle with decedent’s grandson

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2016 | Estate Planning

The widow of a former sports team owner died in April 2016. Since that time, her children have become engaged a bitter estate planning battle with the decedent’s grandson. The situation, which is currently taking place outside California, includes the very body of the mother/grandmother who passed away.

Apparently, the woman’s body has been kept at a funeral home since her time of death. Her son has requested that an autopsy be performed on his mother’s body. He has also asked that all her medical records be disclosed.

The woman was the wife of the former owner of the Tampa Bay Buckaneers. Her son and daughter have claimed that their mother was wrongly influenced and pressured before her death. The two are now attempting to have her will revoked, and they have also requested that a trust worth approximately $40 million be set aside. In this particular situation, it appears that the grandson’s trust was much larger than that of the decedent’s son.

One circuit court judge said it is not at all uncommon for families to enter contentious battles regarding burials and assets when a loved one dies. Many such arguments apparently concern large amounts of money. Those in California who wish to prevent family discord will want to be mindful of such potential issues during the estate planning process. Often times, retaining the assistance of an experienced estate attorney helps to ensure that a thorough, solid plan is crafted, leaving little room for debate among family members when the time comes to administrate the estate.

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