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Avoiding complications in estate planning

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2016 | Trusts

Many people in California and elsewhere do not realize the importance of planning their estates. There are countless stories of those who have died without having done any estate planning, thus wreaking havoc, chaos and stress among family members in the weeks and months that follow. Although it is not always comfortable to speak of that which is inevitable for all people, it is necessary for those who wish to provide for their loved ones and protect their assets.

Not all matters of estate pertain to situations that exist after a person’s death. In fact, many thoroughly designed estate plans include instructions regarding medical decisions, financial matters or other important issues should an estate owner become incapacitated in some way and unable to make such decisions. By acting ahead of time, you can make sure that such decisions will be made by a person of your own choosing.

McCoy Fatula offers estate planning, probate and administration services to clients throughout the state. If you would like to help your beneficiaries avoid probate, reduce taxation and protect their inheritances, you may contact our office to request a consultation. We are prepared to help you construct a customized estate plan that meets your current needs and protects your loved ones’ future interests.

In addition to a power of attorney and an advanced medical directive, a carefully executed estate plan typically includes a living will and a revocable trust. Equally important to the careful and thorough construction of an estate plan is keeping it current and updated. Changes in income, lifestyle or mental/physical health may necessitate adjustments in a planned estate. McCoy Fatula is committed to helping those in California address all estate planning needs.

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