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Planning For Your Death And Why It Is Normal

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2016 | Estate Planning

No one really likes to think about death. American culture is built that way especially. We focus on what is younger, faster and newer. The anti-aging and living forever rather than the pro-aging ideals and gaining wisdom. It is no wonder that death is a generally uncomfortable topic. However, when it comes to planning for your future and protecting not on your hard-earned assets and for the future, it really has to be discussed.

Facing The Hard Truth Now Rather Than Later

Everyone dies. No one is immune to this so you might as well start creating a proper estate plan.

Do you feel strange and emotional about this? Don’t worry. You are not alone. Having mixed emotions is normal. Whether you want to be clinical about the entire estate planning process and just get something on paper or you are feeling sentimental, it is okay to feel that way. What is most important is that you are taking those steps to communicate in a legal manner your wishes and that they will then be executed.

Here are some major estate planning tools to consider:

  • Will: This is the most basic of estate planning tools and one that is not set in stone forever. Remember, you can change this if you wish.
  • Trusts: There are advantages to trusts in that you can help avoid probate and also create certain tax advantages.
  • Advanced Health Care Directive: This can help determine who makes the decisions and how they should be made in case you are ever incapacitated.

Remember, these are the basics of estate planning and administration. To get customized legal advice and to discuss your specific needs, talk to an experienced estate planning attorney in California today.

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