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Photo of Professionals at McCoy Fatula, APC

Never too early to consider estate planning in California

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2016 | Estate Planning

California is an expansive and beautiful state, home to many young adults, as well as retirees seeking warmer climates and lives of leisure. Although each person’s lifestyle differs, one thing remains common among all: there will come a time when each individual faces the end of his or her life. How prepared a person is, with regard to estate planning, depends on various factors.

At McCoy Fatula, we can help you protect your assets and provide for your loved ones’ futures. By developing a thorough plan and making the effort to keep it updated, our experienced team of attorneys can help you lay the groundwork for efficient estate administration after your death. Many times, a carefully planned estate helps loved ones avoid contentious debates and drawn out probate issues further down the line.

By discussing important topics ahead of time, you can have a say in the future. With our guidance, your estate may be able to avoid heavy taxation on the legacy you bestow upon them. If you have minor children or a child with special needs, we can help you arrange for their care, should the time come when you are no longer able to do so.

Most thorough estate planning includes a power of attorney, a living will, revocable trusts and advanced medical directives. We are prepared to help you analyze your particular needs and wishes to customize a plan that best suits your desires and protects your interests. You can call our California office to request a consultation to begin the process of providing for your loved ones’ tomorrows, today.

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