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Grandparent Visitation Rights In California

For many children, having a relationship with their grandma or grandpa is an important part of their family life. In most families, despite divorce, parents make a concerted effort to help continue this relationship. As in many situations, having healthy and loving relationship with extended family members is likely in the best interests of the child. However, there are times when a grandparent feels like he or she is being alienated from their grandchild. This can be tough as grandparents' rights vary within each state.

When A Former Spouse Refuses To Follow A Custody Agreement

Even when a custody and parenting time agreement has been going smoothly, you can never really predict how your former spouse or parent of your child will act in the future. In some cases, the other parent may start to deviate slightly from a custody agreement. This turns into a complete refusal to follow your court-ordered agreement. In other situations, the other parent my suddenly make changes to your agreement and fail to pick-up or drop-off your child at the agreed location and time. This is very problematic and illegal.

What Is Parental Alienation?

Many parents have never heard of parental alienation. That is until they are faced with this issue during or after a divorce and child custody proceeding. Child custody issues can be difficult and stressful in and of itself. But when parental alienation is thrown into the mix by one or both parents, it is not only harmful for the parents but most especially harmful to the child.

Options When Your Ex Wants to Relocate Out-of-State

You feel like you are finally in a good place and routine with your child's schedule post-divorce. However, your ex has now come to you with some news: he or she got a new job and needs to move out-of-state. This is a stressful situation as you want your child to have stability and are worried about this big change. What do you do now? Move-away and relocation issues are complex and should really be handled by an experienced family law attorney in California.

What Happens If a Child Custody Agreement Needs to Be Changed?

You and your former spouse have been complying with a child custody agreement finalized with the court a little over a year ago. However, you may have to relocate for your job. What now? Can you change your child custody agreement? The answer is yes, the laws in California allow you to seek a modification. While the modification may or may not be granted, you are at least are afforded the process to seek this change in your child custody order.

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