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Consider how divorce will affect work life

When someone's marriage ends in California or anywhere around the nation, it is a significant life event. A divorce will likely influence all aspects of a person's life, even if the split was a mutual decision between the couple. If an individual is employed, it is important to consider how work life will be affected following a divorce.

Considering every option regarding the family home in divorce

Many married couples in California and elsewhere place a great deal of thought into the process of buying a home. Should a couple decide to take separate paths in life, they may be uncertain how to deal with the family home during divorce proceedings. When facing a similar situation, one might find it beneficial to consider the potential advantages and disadvantages of keeping the family home before entering negotiations.

Millenials: How to deal with divorce

Regardless of age, ending a marriage in California or anywhere around the country can be a trying experience. This is particularly true if a person doesn't have much of a network for support or empathy with the situation. Many millennials are finding themselves with few peers that understand what they are going through during a divorce. While there are fewer divorces among that demographic, there are also fewer marriages. Thus, someone may be the only person in a group experiencing a divorce.

Consider custody of pets in divorce

Division of property is a common topic of discussion when a couple's marriage comes to an end in California or anywhere around the nation. Determining who gets the house and dividing assets in a bank account are issues one typically thinks about in a divorce. Custody issues are also prevalent if there are children from the marriage. However, many couples are now facing a dilemma in their divorce process: who gets the pets?

What does a gray divorce truly cost?

Knowing that a marriage is coming to an end may be a painful realization for many couples in California and elsewhere around the country. While this decision may be difficult for couples of any age, it can seem all the more stressful when the people have been married a long time. According to a national research organization, the divorce rate for older adults in this country has doubled since the 1990s.

Post-divorce co-parenting for California families

When you're in the midst of a divorce, it can be difficult to think of your soon-to-be ex-spouse as anything but a source of negativity. Even with all the other considerations -- asset division, relocation, finances and more -- the conflict can be hard to set aside. There's a reason you're getting a divorce, after all. Of course, the well-being of your children is forefront in your mind, but it's probably hard to remember that your soon-to-be ex is also their parent and that a divorce won't change that.

California divorce: pre-nup recommended in second, third marriage

When couples in California and elsewhere around the country get married for a second, or even third, time, a good majority of those marriages will not be successful. In fact, 67 percent of second marriages end in divorce, while 74% of third marriages experience the same fate. Many people do not appear to be wary of wedding again and want to give marriage another try. However, it may be prudent to discuss several topics that could possibly cause conflict. For some, a pre-nuptial agreement may be advisable.

Wine may get better with age but marriage doesn't always

You can probably look back on the different stages of your life and think of a few things you may do differently if given the chance to go back in time and do it all again. On the other hand, you may be one of many California residents who believe that all of life's circumstances, the good, the bad and the ugly, made them who they are today and therefore they have no regrets.

Divorce issues: Understanding the child support system

After a marriage has ended, some California residents may receive child support payments as part of a settlement. Family specialists acknowledge that there is a good deal of misunderstanding about the process. August was Child Support Aware Month, and some experts hope to clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding it since many ex-spouses either receive it or must pay it as part of divorce proceedings.

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