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Is it possible to change an existing child support order?

California parents are legally obligated to financially support their children until they reach adulthood, but some parents may find it difficult to keep up with this obligation. Whether you cannot make payments due to new circumstances or you find that the current amount of support is not sufficient, you need to know how to modify an existing child support order.

Settling a support agreement isn't child's play

The primary concern of any parent should be the welfare of his or her child or children. This should hold true even during or after a divorce. Unfortunately, this may be a time when one parent loses sight of that guiding principal in an effort to alter the outcome of a child support payment decision.

How Modifying Child Support Payments Works in California

Life can be difficult after divorce, and things get even messier when things change and one or both parties has to ask for a modification to a child support agreement. California law looks at a number of potential changes in circumstances that can lead to an increase or decrease in child support payments, and parents have the option of working out a new agreement on their own that is signed by a judge, or going back to court. It is important that the party seeking the change do so officially, rather than based on just the word of the other parent. Verbal agreements are not legally binding in custody payment cases if one party changes his or her mind down the road.

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