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New app may help ex-spouses with child custody issues

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2018 | Child Custody

Technological advances have afforded many conveniences to California residents and others around the country. There are apps available to download that are designed to make life a little easier in a variety of ways. The recent introduction of a new app will hopefully provide assistance to separated or divorced couples as they navigate child custody issues.

The new app, called SmartCoparent, provides a digital means to get both parents on the same page as they manage the care of their children. The app can make child support payments automatic and provides a platform to share documents or capture information. It may also serve as a scheduling tool and offers ways for all parties involved to communicate.

The app may include others besides the parents, such as the children or professionals involved in the divorce process. As decisions are reached in the divorce process, the information can be included in the app for all affected to view. Its creators suggest that it would suitable for virtually all co-parenting arrangements.

Recent data shows that the divorce rate is actually declining overall. However, roughly 40 to 50 percent of all couples in the nation get divorced, according to reports from the American Psychological Association. The rate is even higher for those who have been married more than one time. Develops of the app recognize that divorced families are underserved and hope to provide technology that will meet the needs of this demographic.

While apps such as these can certainly prove to be useful, they should be used only after speaking with a trusted California divorce attorney. An experienced lawyer will help individuals deal with all aspects of a divorce, including child custody issues. A strong legal team will provide personalized assistance through every step of the divorce proceedings.

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