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Children whose parents get along well may struggle in divorce

On Behalf of | May 1, 2017 | Divorce

Married couples in California are no different than others across the nation who often face serious marital challenges. Some are able to rectify their situations and keep their unions intact. Others determine divorce the most viable option, which may be obvious to those who can barely exist in the same room without arguing.

When children are involved, everything gets a little more complicated. Kids whose parents are always at each others’ throats may actually have easier times understanding the reasons behind their parents’ divorce. However, when parents appear to be on extremely friendly terms, children are often left wondering why their folks are splitting up. After all, they get along well, don’t they?

It’s not always appropriate to share personal reasons for divorce with children. A wise parent knows how to give necessary information without overburdening a child. Most parents try to shield their children from unnecessary unhappiness, yet, this may lead to confusion when children are suddenly faced with divorce. If they never knew their parents were having marital problems, a seemingly sudden break-up may cause severe emotional strain.

Children obviously fare best after divorce if their parents can cooperate and compromise when necessary. Even though most adults want to achieve amicable agreements and present themselves (and each other) in a positive light to their children, the children often become bewildered wondering why their family has to change in such a drastic way. In addition to advocating on behalf of a concerned parent in court, an attorney can often provide various resources to assist California parents as they help their children adapt to new lifestyles following divorce.

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