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Child custody current focus of Alex Jones’ divorce

On Behalf of | May 1, 2017 | Family Law

When a California couple goes through divorce, maintaining a sense of normalcy in daily life can be quite challenging. Divorce is seldom easy; however, life goes on and most people must continue going to work every day, cooking meals and providing for children’s basic needs. When one of the spouses involved is a celebrity, problems are often intensified.

Infowars star, Alex Jones, is currently engaged in an embittered child custody battle with his former wife. The two have three children together. In fact, Jones recently told the court his son sometimes helps him on his television show.

The children’s mother is seeking sole or joint custody of the youth. A licensed divorce counselor who recently testified in court, however, said Jones’ attitude is less adamant and more geared toward following whatever the “experts” suggest is best for his kids. In all child custody situations, the court has the final say when determining with whom children will live and which parent should be granted physical and legal custody. Sometimes, a judge says it’s both; other times, one parent or the other will be given sole custody.

Generally speaking, the court in California and throughout the nation believes children do best when they spend ample time with both parents after divorce. There are, however, extenuating circumstances in rare situations that may lead the court to determine this as a detriment to children’s well-beings. Every case is different, and the court uses existing laws and guidelines, as well as testimony from parents and others, to make informed decisions and hand down fair and agreeable rulings. People currently facing situations similar to Alex Jones may want to rely on experienced representation during proceedings.

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