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Getting a divorce without acting like enemies

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2017 | Divorce

Many couples in California will end their marriages in court this year. Although divorce is seldom easy, it need not pit two people against each other as enemies. Such situations can often be prevented by seeking sound counsel and effective guidance before going through proceedings.  

Especially in situations where children are concerned, unresolved issues may be highly emotionally charged on both sides. Children often experience feelings of guilt, sadness and even fear when parents get divorced. In the past, many parents have found it helpful to avoid contention as much as possible and, instead, allow their children to witness them working through differences in an amicable fashion. 

Remembering that both parents love their children and working toward common goals that keep their best interests at heart helps develop agreeable arrangements that provide opportunities for all involved to reach their full potentials as new lifestyles are created and relationships continue. Others have found that keeping the lines of communication open is a key factor in obtaining fair and satisfactory outcomes in court. When parents have trouble getting along, a skilled negotiator may be a great asset to keep stress levels low and overcome any obstacles that arise.  

Just because two California parents decide to file for divorce does not necessarily mean a raging, drawn-out battle is inevitable. To the contrary, it is often quite possible to work through problematic issues in a civilized, peaceable manner. One of the surest ways to achieve this is to act alongside the guidance of an experienced family law attorney

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