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Estate planning speculation surrounding George Michael’s death

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2017 | Estate Planning

Christmas Day became tinged with sorrow for pop music fans in California and throughout the world upon the announcement that superstar George Michael had unexpectedly passed away. Tweets suggesting the singer may have been suicidal were posted, although that particular Twitter account has since been closed. There has also been speculation regarding whether Michael had gone through any official estate planning process, in particular, whether he left instructions as to how to distribute his assets.

One estimate lists the former singer’s personal net worth as high as $200 million. Many of his songs soared back up on the charts after news of his death was publicized. Michael leaves behind his father and two sisters, and sources say he remained very close to his family throughout his adult life.

Inside sources have stated they believe the main portion of his estate will be split between these three family members. However, it may be some time before any official statements are made as the exact cause of the pop music icon’s death is uncertain. Who is going to inherit his fortune is merely one of many questions yet unanswered.

Other famous personalities have died without first executing wills. This has led to complicated situations and heated arguments among family members. So far, there is no reason to believe this will be the case regarding George Michael’s estate as an inside source told reporters he was a very thoughtful, generous man who made sure his family would be well-provided for upon his death. Famous people aren’t the only ones who use estate planning as a valuable tool to protect their interests and secure loved ones’ inheritances. A California estate planning attorney can provide guidance to anyone seeking assistance in this state.

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