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Avoiding pitfalls when helping children adjust to divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2016 | Divorce

The holiday season has arrived, and many families in California will be gathering together to celebrate. For parents going through divorce proceedings, there may be quite a few challenges ahead as they do their best to help their children adjust to new lifestyles. There are several things that can be done to avoid major pitfalls and protect children’s best interests.

Parents who are able to control their own emotions increase the chances of providing smooth transitions for their kids as they get used to not having everyone under the same roof on a daily basis. Research shows many children experience behavioral changes soon after parents divorce. Parents may want to learn about the various resources and support networks available to help them through such times.

Although many children move forward to live happy and successful lives after their parents divorce, holidays, birthdays and other special occasions tend to evoke feelings of nostalgia, loneliness and sadness from time to time. If a child’s parents are unable to resolve their differences and are facing problems concerning custody or visitation, it can make matters worse. In such circumstances, it may be best to seek guidance from a skilled negotiator to obtain swift and amicable solutions.

Letting children know every effort is being made to find agreeable solutions to problems that have arisen through divorce may comfort them and give them confidence that all will soon be well. Parents confronting these issues may each benefit from securing professional assistance. A family law attorney can help any parent in California regarding child support, custody, holiday visitation and/or other divorce issues.

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