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Why Online DIY Divorce Is Not a Good Idea

On Behalf of | May 31, 2016 | Divorce

As someone carefully considering your legal options in seeking a divorce in California, you should also be wary of DIY divorce. Particularly, online DIY divorce services that claim they can handle your divorce with expert advice. More and more sites are popping up on the Internet that claim you can get a divorce practically overnight and for practically nothing. However, there are dangers and pitfalls in getting your divorce through these types of sites and services.

Even if you believe your divorce is straightforward and amicable, you just never can predict what types of issues can arise. A dispute over property or a debt could lead to litigation. Without an attorney who already understands your situation, this only complicates matters further.

Here are some other disadvantages to a DIY divorce:

  • Many DIY divorce sites have forms that can’t really cater to every individual divorce. There is no customization and ultimately, you may be getting the raw end of the deal by not getting catered legal advice.
  • An agreement may seem legitimate and okay at the time but circumstances can change during the divorce process. If you go forward without an attorney, trying to change anything will be that much harder.
  • If your divorce involves child support or spousal support, you could be paying more than necessary. In the long run, if you are utilizing a DIY divorce site to save money, you may actually end-up paying more.

These are just some of the reasons that DIY is not always the best idea. To discuss your California divorce with a seasoned and knowledgeable attorney, reach out to our law firm today. We can help you with thorough and dedicated divorce counsel.

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