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Wealth, health and legacy: why estate plans are crucial

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2016 | Estate Planning

Estate planning isn’t just about your wealth and assets. Your health and your legacy are a huge part of having an estate plan. Without such a plan in place, your medical wishes may not be properly conveyed to the right people, and the elements of your life that you want to be passed on to others may be lost without it being on paper.

For example, power of attorney and a health care directive allow you to inform family members how you should be cared for given a certain set of circumstances. What if you are in a coma? What if you have a serious medical condition but are unable to convey your thoughts, feelings or decisions? The person given the right to make decisions on your behalf will have a huge impact.

Picking this individual and then conveying your wishes given certain medical situations is crucial. You will also want to make sure that your business or nest egg is also covered in an estate plan. Having provisions that dictate how your business is handled in the wake of your death can keep a business stable, saving it from the potential chaos that can occur after a business owner passes away.

McCoy Fatula has the resources and the experienced attorneys to help people in the Roseville area with all of their estate planning needs. From financial decisions to health care directive, and from trusts to probate, McCoy Fatula can provide the legal help you need to accomplish your goals.

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