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There are two forms of Spousal Support, temporary and permanent. Temporary Spousal Support is designed to keep you at the status quo. If your spouse is the higher earner, or the sole earner, don’t wait too long to get financial security. We can get you before the court quickly to get you a timely support order.

Permanent spousal support, unlike temporary spousal support or even child support, is issued at the discretion of the court. Because the court may factor in a number of considerations when ordering support, or refusing to order support, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced divorce lawyer to ensure your case is presented effectively.

At McCoy Fatula, APC, we have extensive experience in spousal support matters, both during divorce proceedings and modifications to support orders that are no longer appropriate for your situation.

If you believe spousal support may play a role in your divorce, it is important to obtain a clear financial picture and legal strategy as soon as possible. Call 916-945-2780 to schedule your initial consultation regarding potential next steps.

Seeking A Spousal Support Modification in Roseville?

If one party to the divorce has a higher income than the other, spousal support may be appropriate. However, spousal support matters can be complicated. For example, the court may issue a Gavron Warning, either orally or written, that tells the recipient spouse that he or she must take steps to become self-supporting.

In other words, the court is saying that the person receiving support must work, obtain an education or otherwise begin supporting themselves or they may reduce or even terminate support.

Additionally, the court can order a vocational evaluation, which can establish the earnings potential of a person receiving support. If the evaluation results in a finding that the recipient spouse could be employed in a job that supports daily living expenses, a modification to spousal support may be appropriate (it can even result in support being terminated).

Questions About Spousal Support? We Can Help

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