Roseville Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

An increasing number of people are taking advantage of the benefits offered by prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. At McCoy Fatula, APC, we provide thorough, compassionate and forward-thinking representation in planning, drafting and enforcing marital agreements.

The Benefits Of A Prenuptial Agreement in Roseville

Whether as part of your comprehensive business plan, as a means of asset preservation or because of an expected inheritance, a prenuptial agreement offers significant benefits. And despite its reputation, prenuptial agreements can actually help a marriage start off on the right foot.

Financial arguments are a leading cause of stress in a marriage. In creating a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, you and your partner will have a thorough discussion of financial assets and debts, and agree to some basic principles regarding who owns what assets and obligations.

In addition, should a divorce occur, it can greatly limit the cost and length of divorce, making it easier to move forward or even maintain a productive relationship if children or business interests are involved.

Practicing At The Intersection Of Family And Business Law

Our attorneys can clearly explain your options and help you avoid future problems. With an extensive background in business succession planning, business litigation and divorce, we are uniquely well-suited to helping you prepare a prenuptial agreement that is right for you and your business interests.

We Are Easily Reached And Responsive To Your Questions

Breaching the topic of a prenuptial agreement can be difficult for some. Perhaps they are not clear about the numerous benefits of a marital agreement, or what to consider when creating a prenuptial agreement. We can help walk you through all aspects of a prenuptial agreement, beginning with an initial consultation.

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