Roseville Disengaged Spouse Divorce Attorney

Many people want their divorce to end as quickly as possible. In some cases, however, one party to the divorce may attempt to delay proceedings indefinitely or refuse to sign divorce papers at all. This could be out of spite, because they are not ready to divorce, or simply because they do not have the emotional ability to navigate divorce proceedings in Roseville.

This can be extremely frustrating for the person seeking a divorce. Closure, financial stability and beginning in a new positive direction all depend upon ending the divorce process. Fortunately, there are ways to move the process along even if one party is dragging his or her feet.

We Can Help You When No One Else Can

Our experienced divorce lawyers are familiar with the various legal tools available to speed up divorce. For example, we can:

  • Arrange to have the divorce papers served to your spouse
  • File a motion with the court to compel discovery. Discovery is the portion of the divorce where each side investigates the finances, future earning potential, ability and fitness to see and care for children, and other aspects of the divorce. We can force a side to produce evidence regarding finances and other relevant information.
  • File for a trial date. If we do this and the other party does not show up, the court will still be able to decide all issues in the divorce and finalize the marital agreement. This is called a default divorce .

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