Roseville Intellectual Property Solutions Lawyer

The benefits of working with a law firm that is focused on your business include:

  • Easy access to the detailed information of your IP holdings
  • Vigilant awareness and assistance with updates to your filing and meeting deadlines
  • Access to and assistance with trademark and copyright registration applications around the world
  • Quick searches of and evaluations of your ability to register
  • Enforcement of your trademark rights and copyrights around the world

Intellectual property laws and registrations vary in countries outside the U.S. We can help you achieve the greatest level of protection around the world, concerning your brand, products, patents and goodwill.

At McCoy Fatula, APC, we work directly with many high-tech firms, manufacturing companies, small entrepreneurs and app developers registering trademarks and protecting IP rights.

Our Planning Enables Enforcement Of Your IP Rights

Beginning from a perspective that is all about mitigating the possibilities of adversarial litigation, maintaining your rights to enforce your IP rights around the world requires skillful, precise planning. Just like a solid business contract, you want your IP lawyer to be an experienced litigator who knows exactly what to protect your IP from.

Of course, IP concerns vary around the world, so you need your IP holdings to be protected through both domestic and international registrations. Everything is global in our modern world.

Let’s Establish Your Roseville IP Plan

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