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Contract laws vary from country to country on a broad scale. Your legal rights also vary considerably, depending on the laws to which each contract is subject. Each country’s laws treat international contracts differently, and each country generally provides greater protections and rights to the party based within its jurisdiction.

The complexities involved with creating binding international commercial contracts and resolving disputes demand experienced legal counsel. The preparation and enforcement of international arbitration agreements require a breadth of provisions not typically included in domestic contracts.

Provisions including:

  • An indication of which language, currency and sovereign laws will be used in all dealings of the transaction
  • Any geographic limitations of the parties that may affect the contract
  • Designations for which party should be obtaining licenses or approvals for import/export of goods or services
  • An agreement regarding any exchange of intellectual property rights or prevention of such exchange
  • An indication of which country’s courts will have jurisdiction should there be a need for dispute resolution
  • An agreement regarding mediation and arbitration, including which hearing organization will conduct the dispute resolution process, which system of dispute resolution rules will be followed and in which country hearings would take place
  • A force majeure clause specific to international law
  • Anti-corruption and anti-bribery agreements that outline termination procedures if the agreements are violated

At McCoy Fatula, we help clients through these obstacles with poise and proactive service. Whether you are located in New York or San Francisco, or whether you are currently trying to resolve a dispute or create a binding contract, your lawyer can make a significant difference to the final outcome.

Our team is familiar with arbitration through the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and all other major rule systems and arbitration conventions.

We regularly handle matters involving the international sales of goods and delivery of goods for clients across the United States. We know the best paths to resolutions involving customs issues, on-time deliveries, faulty products, wrong products and damaged products in countries around the world.

The success we have had in dispute resolutions is the experience we bring to help you create good international contracts with clients who deserve your business.

Based in Roseville, California (part of the Sacramento metro), our team is frequently on the East Coast and we are within an arm’s reach of many of our clients throughout Northern California.

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