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Divorcing A Spouse With A Substance Abuse Disorder

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) reports that more than 16 million adults suffered from some form of alcohol abuse disorder in 2014. And a 2012 study discovered that more than 10 percent of our nation's children live with a parent suffering from alcohol-related issues. When you include other forms of substance abuse, the total number of addicts jumps to 22.2 million adults who were dealing with a disorder in 2014. Clearly, drug and alcohol abuse are prevalent issues that touch many U.S. families.

Grandparent Visitation Rights In California

For many children, having a relationship with their grandma or grandpa is an important part of their family life. In most families, despite divorce, parents make a concerted effort to help continue this relationship. As in many situations, having healthy and loving relationship with extended family members is likely in the best interests of the child. However, there are times when a grandparent feels like he or she is being alienated from their grandchild. This can be tough as grandparents' rights vary within each state.

Can A Child Seek Emancipation In California?

When it comes to parents and their children, it doesn't matter who you are or where you are from. There are going to be fights. Your child will rebel. This is just a normal part of a child growing up and learning their boundaries. However, there are those one-off situations when it goes much farther than any parent could ever imagine. Their child has decided they want to take legal action against their parents and seek emancipation. In California, this is possible.

Adoption and Termination of Parental Rights

Sometimes an adoption can go very smoothly. Especially if a biological parent does not contest a termination of parental rights. However, there are situations in which a biological parent does not want to relinquish parental rights and the legal process is not as simple. This is one of the many reasons that having an attorney for the entire adoption process is so important. Your rights and your child's rights are protected and advocated by an experienced family law attorney.

Why Online DIY Divorce Is Not a Good Idea

As someone carefully considering your legal options in seeking a divorce in California, you should also be wary of DIY divorce. Particularly, online DIY divorce services that claim they can handle your divorce with expert advice. More and more sites are popping up on the Internet that claim you can get a divorce practically overnight and for practically nothing. However, there are dangers and pitfalls in getting your divorce through these types of sites and services.

How Mediation Can Benefit Your Divorce

Mediation: you have probably heard of this process before. Either from a friend who has gone through a divorce before or a family member who recommends utilizing this process. In any event, most attorneys will advise you to at least consider using mediation for your divorce. This is because there are many potential benefits to using this ADR ("Alternative Dispute Resolution") method. Some of them include saving you substantial time and money.

How Stepparent Adoption Works

Stepparent adoption is one of the legal processes that can bring a family together. This is an often joyous occasion as a stepparent has decided to legally take on the role of parent to his or her stepchild. However, there is still red tape that has to be crossed as California has certain requirements that must be met and approved through the family court system.

What Happens If a Child Custody Agreement Needs to Be Changed?

You and your former spouse have been complying with a child custody agreement finalized with the court a little over a year ago. However, you may have to relocate for your job. What now? Can you change your child custody agreement? The answer is yes, the laws in California allow you to seek a modification. While the modification may or may not be granted, you are at least are afforded the process to seek this change in your child custody order.

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