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What your child's birthday has to do with your divorce settlement

Once you made the decision to file for divorce in California, you probably spent the next days and weeks considering how your decision may emotionally impact your children. Many parents who divorce face serious challenges regarding child custody issues, visitation and other parenting-related matters. While developing your new parenting plan, you may not realize that even your child's birthday can affect the court's decisions in your divorce.

Even for celebrities, everyday life changes during divorce

Are you one of millions who entertained childhood dreams to come to California to work in Hollywood? Perhaps you're on your way to realizing those dreams. If so, you're probably already aware that life changes in many ways when you're a celebrity. The most obvious issues include a sudden lack of personal privacy, but most stars overlook that because such gigs often come with great perks (like million-dollar-plus incomes) as well.

What does divorce look like from a child's perspective?

Most California residents expect their marriages to last the rest of their lifetimes when they become official spouses. However, reality often includes marital problems, and some couples eventually determine the best solution is to sever their marital ties. For those with children, it often creates many challenges regarding family life and future parenting plans. Another significant issue lies in how children may react to their parents' divorce. While some appear unscathed by such developments, others need counseling and outside support to help them make a smooth transition.

Who makes divorce decisions regarding child custody?

Many parents in California understand what it's like to face difficult challenges regarding where their children will live and who will provide financial support for their basic needs when they (the parents) are no longer married. Divorce typically involves many thorny issues that require cooperation and amicable negotiation to settle. If communication between the parties is contentious, this may be much easier said than done.

Hotel giving refunds to those who divorce

Many California couples whose relationships are struggling to survive try to reignite the flames of love by taking romantic vacations. Some, in fact, do wind up feeling refreshed and renewed in their marital commitments. Others, however, are more determined than ever to file for divorce when they return home.  

When disputes arise over family pets in divorce

When California couples get married, they typically have plans and goals for their future. Some people dream of having many children and living in the country. Others want to build successful businesses and keep pets rather than have children; then there are those who combine both ideas. Regardless of lifestyle, if divorce occurs at some point, disputes regarding the custody of children and/or pets may be difficult to resolve if one spouse refuses to compromise.

Untying the knot again

Despite the depressing statistics about marriage and divorce, many people are determined to defy the odds and make their marriages last. You may have been one of those people who were certain you and your spouse would grow old together and were crushed when the marriage ended.

Protecting rightful owenrship in divorce

It's often difficult to pinpoint what leads to the dissolution of a particular marriage. Some California couples say they've simply grown apart over the years. Interests change, communication breaks down, and spouses drift away from one another. Others say their divorce came about after a particular event, such as one spouse's act of infidelity or some sort of financial disagreement.

Things to keep in mind regarding finances and divorce

If a California marriage comes to an end, those involved may be faced with various types of challenges that require special attention. For instance, when someone decides to file for divorce, a topic of high priority is often finances. Especially if the person filing has been a full-time stay-at-home parent and has no regular means of income.

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