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Tax law changes will have an impact on finances in divorce

The recent changes to the nation's tax laws will reportedly be the most significant in the past 30 years. The changes have spurred lawmakers to identify ways to generate money to pay for the tax cuts included in the bill. One of the ways tapped by Congress to increase revenue involves alimony. These changes and their tax implications are expected to have an impact on the number of divorce filings in California and around the country.

Take these steps to minimize stress during a divorce

Deciding to end a marriage is a monumental decision for a California resident or anyone in other areas of the country. Divorce has a wide-reaching impact on the individual involved as well as others in the families affected. Every emotion is likely on display, and tension is often high. Yet, many decisions around finances that affect all parties involved for years to come still have to be made. Experts suggest several steps to make the process more manageable.

Experts see increase in prenups among millennials

Millennials in California and across the country are a very diverse group of people when it comes to politics, religion and other social demographics. Their preferences and choices extend into relationships as they make decisions about whether or not to marry, how old they should be when they marry or when to get a divorce. There has also been an increased interest in prenuptial agreements among millennials, according to a survey among matrimonial lawyers.

Researchers see increase in divorce rate during January

The holidays are often a time for families in California and elsewhere around the country to get together for visits, meals and other functions. Even couples that are struggling may try to tough things out through the festivities for the sake of their children or other family members. In fact, statistics confirm that the divorce rate rises in the month of January, following the holiday season.

Divorce can bring possible financial gifts

At the end of a marriage, a person may anticipate losing some of his or her accumulated wealth. Contrary to popular belief, some experts say that divorce can bring unexpected income benefits as well, depending on the person's circumstance. Individuals residing in California who are facing the possibility of a marital dissolution may be interested to learn more about possible breakup boons.

Study sheds light on divorce rate by occupation

Researchers are constantly looking at trends in data to help demystify some of humanity's problems. One recent study looked at data from a five-year survey by the United States Census Bureau, to try and crunch the numbers to see if occupation affected rates of divorce among Americans. People in California may be interested to learn more about the results and what the researchers were able to find. 

Protect finances in a divorce or widowhood

Many California residents and others around the country look forward to their retirement years. Some may be awaiting an opportunity to travel or take up a new hobby, while others may want to take things easier or spend more time with family. Most, however, do not think of how that phase of their lives will be affected if they get a divorce or become widowed.

Address these issues when going through a divorce

When a couple has been married for any length of time, they often fall into a routine of doing things together in a certain way. However, if that couple decides to get a divorce, the normal routine to which they are accustomed is gone. Relationship experts offer some advice to couples in California or elsewhere around the country who are going through a divorce.

Divorce trends: More millenials seek prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements have long been associated with the wealthy seeking to protect their interests should their marriages come to an end. However,  many California residents and others around the country now see the benefits of having a prenup in place if a divorce is eminent. In fact, there has been an increase among millennials in the popularity of such agreements, particularly among women.

Protect finances during a divorce

There are many issues that arise when a California couple decides to end their marriage. The process can prove to be complicated and stressful, particularly when dealing with money matters. Experts suggest seeking professional advice when it comes to handling finances during a divorce.

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