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Divorce: Prenups helpful for everyone, not just celebrities

Many couples in California and around the country opt to create a prenuptial agreement before entering into marriage. In most cases, these agreements deal with property division should a couple get a divorce. However, there is a trend in prenups and other relationship contracts to include a variety of stipulations other than those that address finances.

How to divide real estate during a divorce

The purchase of a home is typically the largest single expenditure a married couple makes in California or anywhere around the nation. When a couple decides to get a divorce, dealing with the home can prove to be a complicated issue since it is likely the largest asset. While experts acknowledge that divorce proceedings may be stressful, it is important to make informed decisions regarding the home during property division.

How mental illness or addiction can affect a divorce

Mental illness is a very serious matter affecting California and all other states in our nation. Many people consider addiction to alcohol or other substances to be a mental illness as well. While these problems can have a devastating impact on couples in a relationship, they can also come into play when a couple is getting a divorce.

Need to redo budget when going through a divorce

Budgeting is a critical part of managing finances for many California residents and others around the country. However, it becomes even more paramount for individuals going through a divorce. Financial experts recommend focusing on several specific areas as a couple moves from living with two incomes to existing with one.

Pre-nups are important documents in divorce process

Prenuptial agreements may not be considered as a romantic gesture by California couples or others throughout the country. However, many experts view them as an essential document for those entering into marriage, regardless of the couple's income level. They are certainly important to have in place should a divorce occur at some point. A recent financial advice column addresses a number of issues regarding prenuptial agreements.

How divorce can affect credit card debt

When a marriage ends in California or elsewhere around the country, there are a number of potentially emotional issues to address. Dealing with finances during the divorce process can lead to conflict among the parties involved. One particular aspect of finances that may be overlooked in discussions is how credit card debt will be treated. However, according to a personal finance website, this issue should be addressed in divorce proceedings.

Father wants pre-nup for daughter in case of divorce

Parents in California and all around the nation often have concerns about how their children will fare financially. Some parents may go so far as to offer advice, even if it may be unsolicited. A personal finance columnist recently received a question from a reader regarding a pre-nuptial agreement for his daughter to avoid conflict should a divorce occur in the future.

Gray divorce and its impact on finances

Studies are showing that California residents and others around the country are living longer. This longevity affects various aspects of people's lives, including health, finances and relationships. While many people over the age of 50 are taking better care of their bodies and eliminating debt, a record number in that demographic category are considering divorce.

Consider finances during a divorce

When a marriage ends in California or in other parts of the country, some residents find themselves ill-prepared for dealing with financial issues. In many marriages, one spouse handles the majority of budgeting and financial activities, and the other has little or no knowledge about the process. This can result in an individual entering the divorce proceeding without the information needed to protect his or her interests.

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