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Estate planning a good idea for the new year

In California and throughout the United States, many people are busy reviewing their resolutions for the new year. From more exercise to financial goals, people of all ages set their sights on improving various aspects of their lives. Many advisers say making estate planning part of those goals is a good idea.

Why single people need estate planning

Generally speaking, single people in California and elsewhere spend a lot of time thinking of their life goals and making plans for successful futures. However, far fewer consider estate planning of paramount importance, especially when they have no dependents. Some may change their minds after considering the following ideas.

Where to find answers to basic estate planning questions

Many California residents die without leaving any sort of written instructions as to whom they wish to inherit their assets. One school of thought is that many people avoid estate planning discussions because they don't like to think of their own mortality. However, not having a plan in place often leads to stressful situations among surviving family members further down the line.

Estate planning ideas for second marriages and step-children

Modern family life is often a complicated affair, especially for blended families. California couples entering marriage who already have children from previous relationships often face numerous challenges regarding various aspects of their new lifestyles. In addition to decisions regarding name changes and whether a step-parent will adopt a new spouse's children, estate planning issues may also arise concerning beneficiaries and other related matters.

Avoiding probate through careful estate planning

Many people in California and elsewhere consider discussions of their own deaths to be extremely uncomfortable. However, many understand that death is merely an inevitable part of life and it is never too soon to talk about thorough estate planning. Generally speaking, there are many benefits to a well-designed estate plan with regard to providing for loved ones and helping them avoid probate when it comes time to administer an estate.

Estate planning basics for those who are wondering

Not everyone in California considers themselves experts on financial matters. With regard to estate planning, many people don't even really know what it is. Some have a vague idea but could not begin to discuss the details involved. Others understand it, but avoid discussions that touch upon the subject of mortality.

Whether to make estate planning part of your holidays

Many California residents are very creative in their holiday gift-giving customs. Some may even consider estate planning as part of this year's traditions. What better time to secure one's assets and let loved ones know you have their future financial security in mind that during a holiday season?

Man's thorough estate planning helps protect widow's inheritance

Some readers in California may be surprised to learn that when an estate owner dies, things don't always run smoothly between surviving family members. In fact, some situations are downright contentious and others even involve possible criminal behavior. This seems to have been the case for an elderly widow in another state whose son and daughter-in-law claimed to have her best interests at heart, but were actually proved otherwise. Thanks to the woman's husband's careful estate planning while he was alive, the matter was able to be resolved.

Estate planning ideas that may benefit California entrepreneurs

So much goes into creating, launching and maintaining a business that it's easy to overlook certain things that might be beneficial toward future success. California business owners may want to consider the following estate planning tips that have proved helpful to other entrepreneurs. Not taking time to plan one's estate may lead to future problems, when family members are left wondering who will inherit assets.

Estate planning: To execute one or not, that is the question

Many people in California have many things on their minds other than what will happen to their "stuff" after they die. When the topic of estate planning arises, some immediately change the subject because they do not like to think about their own mortality. Others, however, recognize the potential benefits of a carefully crafted plan.

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