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This document is often a key component in estate planning process

No one in California (or anywhere, for that matter) can predict the future. However, many people want to be as prepared as possible for various types of urgent and/or inevitable situations that may occur. The estate planning process helps this happen because those who execute solid plans can customize their documents to address the issues they consider most important.

Careful estate planning often addresses health and finances

Whether you're in splendid physical condition and good health, or have been battling a chronic illness for several years now, you likely understand why many California residents want to have a say regarding their own future health-related decisions. For instance, if someone is seriously injured in a car accident, and is unable to speak or communicate, an existing advanced health directive can allow a designated individual to step in and make health care decisions. This means if the situation deteriorates and a life and death decision must made, the person designated in the health care directive may act on behalf of the patient. It is an important part of the estate planning process.

What millenials need to know about estate planning

California is full of millennials. Many have lofty dreams for their futures that include entrepreneurial ideas, post secondary education, traveling the world and more. Some will marry, have children and live simple lives in the country somewhere. How many, though, will take time for estate planning

Wills are an important part of California estate planning process

Who can execute a will? Who should execute a will? How does one execute a will in California? These are all pertinent questions having to do with a crucial component of most peoples' estate planning processes. Those wanting to protect their assets can do through carefully written wills.

Steer clear of these estate planning pitfalls.

Discussing the topic of mortality is not something many people are typically eager to do. Most people in California understand the importance of a thorough estate planning process, and such discussions are often the starting point to execute a concrete plan. As crucial as knowing what steps to take to compile documents is knowing what not to do in order to avoid common mistakes others have made in the past. 

Addressing health care directives through estate planning process

Many California residents have found themselves in urgent medical situations where they are unable to speak for themselves due to some type of incapacitation. If a patient in such circumstances has executed estate planning documents that include health care directives, doctors will refer to such plans to determine how to proceed in a life-or-death situation. If the patient has appointed another party or parties to make health-related decisions on his or her behalf, then medical professionals are obligated to adhere to such instructions.

Carefully choosing executor part of thorough estate planning

Everyone dies; it's a fact of life. Many California residents want to be as prepared as possible for such events insofar as protecting their interests and leaving instructions as to whom should inherit their assets after they're gone. Thorough estate planning is beneficial in many ways. The process is highly customizable, but a common aspect involves choosing an executor to a will.

Clarity in estate planning crucial to avoiding problems

There's an old party game called "telephone," where one person whispers a phrase to another, then that person to the next, and so on, until the last person in line is reached. After the final participant announces what was said to him or her, uproarious laughter often ensues when the phrase so drastically differs from what the first person actually said. While such antics make for lots of California party fun, misinterpreting what's been said can be disastrous in other situations, such as the estate planning process.

Estate planning: A topic women tend to avoid

Many women in California and elsewhere like to talk about a wide range of topics. However, data suggests estate planning is not often one of them; in fact, there's evidence some women typically avoid this subject as much as possible. Others, however, understand that procrastination in this area may lead to stress and complications for loved ones in the future.

Watch out for these estate planning disasters!

The last thing a grieving spouse in California needs is to face legal problems regarding financial affairs. To avoid such complications, many couples execute estate planning documents alongside help from experienced attorneys who can alert them of any hidden issues that may pose potential problems when one of the spouses dies. For instance, one widower ran into trouble concerning his deceased wife's 401(k) assets.

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