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Where to turn for support when family law issues arise

The average California family in 2017 is obviously quite different in many ways from those who lived in the late 1800s. Much has changed in America since then. Families face different types of challenges and have many more accessible resources on which to rely when problems arise. The development of family law practices has been a tremendous asset to many people throughout the nation.

How trusts can be used to protect business assets in divorce

Most California couples enter their marriages believing their unions will last their lifetimes. This is obviously not the case for many spouses in this state and throughout the nation nowadays. Some people face particular challenges when they divorce, especially business owners. There are several means for protecting business assets in divorce, one of which involves trusts.

Why individual retirement accounts can't be placed in trusts

Financial issues are usually complex and confusing for those with no formal background in the field. Many people in California hire financial advisers to help them manage their money and investments. Some rely on experienced estate planning attorneys as financial issues regarding trusts and other money matters often overlap with estate planning issues.

Those in California with special needs may now acquire trusts

President Barack Obama is currently undertaking his final duties as his second term as President of the United States comes to an end. He recently signed a bill that may affect many people with special needs in California and throughout the nation. The bill actually addressed several issues, one of which pertains to special needs trusts

Trusts and dogs: Planning an estate to include a pet

Many people in California go to great lengths to document their wishes concerning distribution of assets after they die. Some, however, overlook the need to provide for their pets. Careful estate planning is a worthwhile endeavor that helps protect an estate owner's interests and provides for loved ones. It may also be a good idea to include trusts and instructions in a plan that pertains to a beloved dog, cat or other animal.

Revocable trusts may create false sense of security

Asset protection and minimization of financial risk are important estate planning topics addressed by many in California. Included in many plans are revocable trusts, which some consider a means of asset protection, while others say this is not the case. Because such matters can be complicated, they are often best addressed through knowledgeable counsel.

Avoiding complications in estate planning

Many people in California and elsewhere do not realize the importance of planning their estates. There are countless stories of those who have died without having done any estate planning, thus wreaking havoc, chaos and stress among family members in the weeks and months that follow. Although it is not always comfortable to speak of that which is inevitable for all people, it is necessary for those who wish to provide for their loved ones and protect their assets.

Managing property in California through trusts

Many California residents develop thorough estate plans to protect their assets and provide for their loved ones' future financial security. Some include trusts as a means of managing their property, in the event that they should no longer be able to do so because of death or mental decline. It is crucial to gain understanding of the various types of trusts, as well as the process by which they end, before taking steps to add such documents to one's estate plan.

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