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Child custody current focus of Alex Jones' divorce

When a California couple goes through divorce, maintaining a sense of normalcy in daily life can be quite challenging. Divorce is seldom easy; however, life goes on and most people must continue going to work every day, cooking meals and providing for children's basic needs. When one of the spouses involved is a celebrity, problems are often intensified.

New movie tackles serious family law situation

Not all child custody situations take place between former spouses. Sometimes, people raise children who are not their biological parents, and many families live in single-parent households as well. In California and elsewhere, family law problems regarding such circumstances are often very complex and difficult to resolve.

Will a prenuptial agreement prevent family law problems?

If you are thinking of getting married, there are likely any number of issues you and your beloved are trying to resolve ahead of time. For instance, will you both work outside the home? Will you live in California or someplace else? And, another question many couples today ask is: Will you sign a prenuptial agreement at a family law office? 

How can ex-spouses co-parent if they do not get along?

Divorce is a difficult time, and with the end of a marriage comes emotions that can make it difficult to imagine working together with your ex-spouse on any issue, but especially child custody. Despite these complex feelings and the difficulty of setting these types of emotions aside, many California parents find it beneficial to work together to co-parent their children.

Some states changing family law regarding shared custody

Many children in California are brought up in homes with only one parent due to divorce. In fact, it's not uncommon for former spouses to face various family law issues, including child custody and child support concerns. No two situations are exactly the same, but studies show children typically fare best when they have ample amounts of time with both parents after divorce.

Exploring family law resources in California

Perhaps you're one of many California residents whose marriage is headed for divorce. Or, your marriage might be perfectly intact and you and your spouse are considering child adoption to expand your family size. Maybe you haven't even gotten married yet, but are planning to do so and need help crafting a solid prenuptial agreement. Although these issues vary greatly from one another, all are aspects of family law.

Navigating the family law process for child adoption

Many California couples hope to expand their families by welcoming children by adoption. Those going through this family law process for the first time might have many questions regarding various regulations, fees and other issues. There are basically two types of adoption: private and public. It often helps to access outside resources when determining which is best in a particular situation.

Using family law resources to draft a good prenuptial agreement

Many California residents will makes plans to marry this year. Each couple has different goals regarding what is most important to them as they take their first steps toward a lifetime of happiness together. Family law attorneys often help soon-to-be spouses draft prenuptial agreements as part of their wedding planning process.

Restraining order issued in Robin Thicke family law situation

Hip hop fans in California and throughout the nation might be keeping updated on an embittered child custody battle between Robin Thicke and his former wife, Paula Patton. Their son Julian's safety and well-being is at the heart of the allegations. His mother filed a request in a family law court asking that a restraining order be issued against her former husband. A judge has since granted her request, at least temporarily.

Settling a support agreement isn't child's play

The primary concern of any parent should be the welfare of his or her child or children. This should hold true even during or after a divorce. Unfortunately, this may be a time when one parent loses sight of that guiding principal in an effort to alter the outcome of a child support payment decision.

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