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Stepparent adoption: Girl "proposes" to her stepdad

Families in California come in all varieties, united by love and caring. Though some family members aren't always legally bound to one another, there are definite advantages to undergoing that process. One such situation is when a stepparent makes the choice to legally adopt his or her stepchildren. One happy story of stepparent adoption happened recently out of state when a little girl "proposed" to her stepfather.

Is stepparent adoption really necessary?

Anyone in California who plays a parental role in the life of a child -- to whom he or she has no biological relationship -- might wonder whether it is really necessary to go through the legalities of adoption. However, stepparent adoption could benefit both the child and the parent in various ways. Also, the legal process is significantly less complicated than other types of adoption.

When can I file for stepparent adoption?

Being a stepparent is a truly unique and rewarding experience. While some people in California wonder whether they could truly love a child who is not biologically theirs, you know that it is not only possible, but that it is better than anyone could ever imagine. Unfortunately, not matter how deeply you care for your stepchild, you might have no legal rights to him or her should anything happen to your spouse. A stepparent adoption can address that problem while making your relationship official. 

Stepparent adoption is easier with skilled legal counsel

Reportedly, about 50 percent of all adoptions nationwide, including in California, involve stepchildren. Stepparent adoption can serve different purposes. It could follow the death of the biological parent, or a person marrying someone who has children from a previous relationship or marriage. In many cases, the children have endured traumatic times, and the adoption may bring stability and permanence into his or her life.

Stepparent adoption is a significant decision to make

If a person in California marries another person who already has a child, the new spouse will have no parental rights to the stepchild. This can have devastating consequences if something should happen to the custodial parent of the child. The court may then rule that the child's other biological parent should have custody. Fortunately, stepparent adoption provides the non-biological parent the opportunity to step in and play a nurturing role in the child's life.

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