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Appealing a child custody decision in California

When a judge makes the decision about who the children will live with after their parents are divorced, it could leave a bad taste in one parent's mouth. Appealing a child custody ruling takes proper planning and must adhere to California family law rules. Temporary orders usually can't be appealed. The appeal process typically pertains to final rulings.

Child custody in California: Can kids choose who to live with?

Divorce often puts children in very precarious positions. They may feel a tremendous amount of guilt, especially when older kids have a preference when it comes to child custody. They may wish to live with one parent full time instead of the other, and California courts may take their desire into consideration if it can be shown that their preference is made intelligently and realistically -- usually around their mid to late teens.

New app may help ex-spouses with child custody issues

Technological advances have afforded many conveniences to California residents and others around the country. There are apps available to download that are designed to make life a little easier in a variety of ways. The recent introduction of a new app will hopefully provide assistance to separated or divorced couples as they navigate child custody issues.

Shared parenting laws being considered for child custody cases

Traditionally, when a couple with children got a divorce in California or elsewhere around the country, some type of joint visitation arrangement was established between the mother and father. However, these child custody arrangements usually leaned heavily in the mother's favor. Fathers were often left to see their children only every other weekend and holiday, and perhaps one additional day during the week. Recently, many states have either passed or are considering legislation that promotes a shared parenting approach.

Consider shared parenting in child custody debates

When a divorcing couple has children, the questions about how and where they will be raised are of utmost concern. In fact, the topic of child custody can become a highly charged issue in divorce deliberations. While the situation is personal and unique to every relationship, the issue has become a hot topic in California and other states across the nation. There is a push among several states to make major changes to current custody laws.

Several states addressing changes to child custody laws

When a marriage ends in California or anywhere around the country, couples have a long list of issues to address. If the couple has children together, questions surrounding child custody are paramount in the discussions. Many states are enacting legislation that deals with custody issues and bucks once traditional parenting decisions made by the courts.

Child custody: Addressing the needs of the kids during divorce

Divorce can be a stressful and daunting process for everyone involved, especially children. Parents in California may wish to protect the future well-being of their kids by focusing on reaching a child custody agreement with their best interests at heart. However, a parent may also find it beneficial to consider the current needs of his or her kids and take measures to assist them in dealing with the news of divorce.

Post-divorce co-parenting for California families

When you're in the midst of a divorce, it can be difficult to think of your soon-to-be ex-spouse as anything but a source of negativity. Even with all the other considerations -- asset division, relocation, finances and more -- the conflict can be hard to set aside. There's a reason you're getting a divorce, after all. Of course, the well-being of your children is forefront in your mind, but it's probably hard to remember that your soon-to-be ex is also their parent and that a divorce won't change that.

Jon and Kate Gosselin face new child custody battle

Many California residents are familiar with the reality television show "Jon & Kate Plus 8." While the show is no longer on the air, the stars continue to make headlines. The show centered on a couple who welcomed sextuplets into their home, along with their older twin daughters. As the show went on, viewers were exposed to increasing tension between the husband and wife, who eventually divorced. Now, the couple may be headed back to court to argue for a change in child custody.

Child custody in shared parenting situations

When a marriage ends in California, or anywhere around the country, there is often concern about how any children involved in the situation will be affected. Of course, parents want their children to continue to be healthy and happy, even if they have gone through a divorce. Traditionally, child custody decisions were made that found the children spending more time with one parent than the other, even in a joint custody situation. However, family experts now recommend truly shared parenting as a means of creating a more stable environment for the children.

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