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Separation and divorce two very different things

Many California couples would agree that marriage is often challenging. In fact, some would say it's often difficult beyond words. A quick review of divorce statistics shows many people concur with those ideas.

Some, however, are not so certain what to do about it. An advice columnist was recently discussing that very issue with a reader who had written in asking how much effort she should put into keeping her marriage intact when her husband is often angry at her and wants to separate. The woman said her husband wanted to move on, but she wanted both of them to go to therapy together.

The columnist reminded the woman that separation and divorce are two very different things. Just because a married couple decides to separate does not mean they will wind up in divorce court. Many choose to reunite after time apart. Either way, where legal separation and/or divorce is concerned, there are often many unresolved issues getting in the way of an agreeable outcome.

A family law attorney is typically a skilled negotiator. A concerned spouse in California can request a consultation if he or she wishes to discuss what options may be available to address a particular situation. Whether an ultimate decision to divorce is made is an individual choice. No two situations are exactly the same, and a attorney knows how to help a client prioritize issues and seek the best outcome according to the specific circumstances. On many occasions that can be achieved though a negotiated or mediated divorce, while in other scenarios litigation may be required. 

Source: The Seattle Times, "Try separation first, then see if you want to divorce", Carolyn Hax, Feb. 21, 2017

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