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How's your child doing emotionally since your divorce?

Most California parents want what's best for their children, even if it means they sometimes must make decisions that don't make their children particularly happy. If you're a parent who recently divorced, you likely have first-hand experience with this type of situation. Still, like other parents, you hate to see your child suffer, and you might be worried whether he or she is adapting to your new lifestyle in a healthy manner.

Did Jon Gosselin inherit a propensity to divorce?

Many California residents who divorce first experienced the process in childhood or young adult life when their own parents severed marital ties. This leads some to believe a propensity toward divorce may exist in some families. There are those who say it's mere coincidence if members of the same family choose to end their marriages; others suggest there's more to it than that. In fact, some people have insinuated that the divorce of former reality show star, Jon Gosselin, may have just been a natural course of events in his life, since his own parents battled it out for years in court.

What would make a 90-year-old man file for divorce?

It may seem safe to assume that if one is still married after many years at age 90, chances are the union will last a lifetime. Nevertheless, one can never be sure. The divorce rate among those who are age 50 and older has apparently skyrocketed in recent years. Some California couples experience a lingering breakdown in communication, while others say they've simply outgrown each other.

Extenuating circumstances regarding a divorce in another state

Many California residents have been following news updates regarding a young girl's sudden disappearance, and her subsequent rescue after it was learned she was kidnapped. Parents who hear things like this often want to hold their children a little closer and protect them as best they can. There are some things in life, however, from which it's difficult to shelter children, such as serious marital problems that lead to divorce.

Children whose parents get along well may struggle in divorce

Married couples in California are no different than others across the nation who often face serious marital challenges. Some are able to rectify their situations and keep their unions intact. Others determine divorce the most viable option, which may be obvious to those who can barely exist in the same room without arguing.

What your child's birthday has to do with your divorce settlement

Once you made the decision to file for divorce in California, you probably spent the next days and weeks considering how your decision may emotionally impact your children. Many parents who divorce face serious challenges regarding child custody issues, visitation and other parenting-related matters. While developing your new parenting plan, you may not realize that even your child's birthday can affect the court's decisions in your divorce.

Even for celebrities, everyday life changes during divorce

Are you one of millions who entertained childhood dreams to come to California to work in Hollywood? Perhaps you're on your way to realizing those dreams. If so, you're probably already aware that life changes in many ways when you're a celebrity. The most obvious issues include a sudden lack of personal privacy, but most stars overlook that because such gigs often come with great perks (like million-dollar-plus incomes) as well.

What does divorce look like from a child's perspective?

Most California residents expect their marriages to last the rest of their lifetimes when they become official spouses. However, reality often includes marital problems, and some couples eventually determine the best solution is to sever their marital ties. For those with children, it often creates many challenges regarding family life and future parenting plans. Another significant issue lies in how children may react to their parents' divorce. While some appear unscathed by such developments, others need counseling and outside support to help them make a smooth transition.

Who makes divorce decisions regarding child custody?

Many parents in California understand what it's like to face difficult challenges regarding where their children will live and who will provide financial support for their basic needs when they (the parents) are no longer married. Divorce typically involves many thorny issues that require cooperation and amicable negotiation to settle. If communication between the parties is contentious, this may be much easier said than done.

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