Family Law And Divorce Representation In Sacramento

Family is a major asset for most people and the most important asset that many people hold dear. When family matters become legal matters, it is important that you have an experienced and compassionate legal advocate as a resource and guide. The critical nature of family law matters demands the attention of an attorney whether you are facing divorce, adoption or paternity issues.

A crucial step that is often overlooked in the divorce process is putting an estate plan in place or modifying your estate plan with an attorney. Properly planning for your future and protecting your assets should be at the top of your mind in a family law situation. We begin planning for your life post-divorce from the start.

Ask us about the quick and simple process of creating an emergency will and power of attorney to protect you during the divorce process.

Our Roseville-based family law team are also top estate, asset and tax planning professionals who can help you make informed decisions regarding any direction you would like your future to take, including incorporating your children's interests into your planning.

What Is The Divorce Process In California?

We will make sure you are well-informed of the court process, but we will also address your immediate needs and goals first. We make your priorities our priorities when you retain our services.

Our attorneys are proactive. We will develop a customized strategy for you:

First, either you or your spouse files a petition for divorce (dissolution) with the court. If you file, this makes you the petitioner and your spouse the respondent. Once the respondent is served with the petition, the six-month waiting period begins.

Six months after the date of service is the earliest the court may restore your status as a single person. If your case is very simple or uncontested, it may be possible to resolve your dissolution in less than six months. If more complex or contested, it could take considerably longer to resolve your case.

The respondent has 30 days to file a response with the court once he or she has received the petition. An order to show cause (OSC) may also be filed if there are support or custody disputes or if there are charges of domestic violence.

Next, if children are involved in the divorce, a child custody mediation (which you are required to attend) will be scheduled before the first court hearing.

Prior to the first hearing, we will also walk you through all necessities of your marital settlement agreement and division of property. We will discuss the finer points of equal division of community property, child support, child custody, spousal support and asset protection. And, we will create a solid plan to achieve your best possible outcome.

Prioritizing Your Needs And Goals

We go to work for our clients immediately. We do not wait for the court process. If we can settle your divorce out of court before the six-month waiting period has passed, we will have your settlement agreement completed and prepared to be granted by the court at the earliest opportunity.

Our strategy is to resolve your immediate needs and goals first. Please contact us at 916-945-2780 to begin a conversation with one of our lawyers today.